Geek.jpgThis book is called, ‘GEEK GIRL- PICTURE PERFECT’, written by Holly Smale. This book is the third in the series and is one of the most riveting in the enchanting Geek Girl Series. It is about this girl named Harriet Manners, with fiery red hair, glasses and bundles of knowledge. Everyone calls her a Geek and she knows she’s one too. However, earlier in the series, Harriet is spotted by a Modelling Agency named, ‘Infiniti Models’ and makes a decision to commence working there. Everything seemed alright in Harriet’s life, just the way it should be, until Harriet’s Father gets a job in New York and Harriet and her family all have to move to New York. It’s not exactly fun for anyone, and Harriet takes some persuasion to finally agree to go along with them.  Moreover, it isn’t at all like what Harriet expected. Harriet doesn’t even live in New York, but lives in a small town close to the city. This is a huge disappointment since New York seemed like a nice adventure! Fortunately, soon after, she realises that Infiniti Models has an office in New York. Despite the fact that Harriet hardly has any sense of Fashion, she’s ecstatic to have an activity to entertain her and begins to sneak out of their miniscule house, since she knew that Annabelle (her stepmother) would not approve of it. Although Harriet’s parents don’t notice Harriet’s absence at first, Annabelle eventually does. Not knowing what else to do, Annabelle grounds Harriet for 5 days. At first, Harriet is shocked but she is not one to give up easily; despite this heavy punishment she has to undertake, Harriet continues to sneak out. This time, completely unnoticed.  This is due to the fact that everyone is exhausted and uncomfortable with the new move. Eventually, Harriet realises that it’s not only her that is getting punished or is unhappy about this move, but also her whole family, including her Father. Finally, the Manners family face their fears, stop shutting each other out and return to their old life in England. All’s well, that ends well!

My Feelings:

  • First of all, though this is really unrelated to the book, I’m extremely sorry for the delayed post. I’ve been on vacation and then preparing for Exams. Though I do agree that being away for so long is slightly irresponsible.  Once again, I’m very sorry. I am back to posting book reports now!
  • I like this book so much that I even asked my Librarian if she had more in the series. Unfortunately, they didn’t and so the first and sixth book in the Geek Girl series landed up on my Christmas Letter to Santa Claus. I always find a way to read the books I’m interested in 🙂 Luckily, my Dad or Mum downloaded it on the Kindle and I’ve made my way through them. Thank you Mumsie and Papa!
  • I could relate to the title and book in general because although, I’m not in Secondary or High School yet, I’m often called a Geek or Nerd in School. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because my friends say it in a friendly way. I think I’ll be fine with the title: Nerd or Geek, so long as it’s meant in a good way. In the book however, the narrator takes some offense as she is older and more concerned about tiny things like this.
  • I haven’t quite figured out the key thing that captures readers yet, but one of the things that really drew me in was the style, and way it was written in. All the self-doubt that Harriet experiences, and the way her thoughts roam freely throughout the book make me, as a reader, personally want to read ahead and find out what happens next.


I would give this book a 10 out of 10 rating!