This book is called SAVVY, written by Ingrid Law. It is about a girl named Mississippi Beaumont. Ingrid Law named this book Savvy because Savvy means knowledge and your savvy is something you own and can control. Mississippi’s nickname is Mibs and she lives with her Father, Mother, Brothers and Younger Sister. Their family is very special because, after they turn 13 they get their special power, their Savvy. Mibs is about to turn 13 when her father has an accident in a car crash. Her mother has to go to Kansas, Salina Hope Hospital and she and her brother Fish are left alone to stay with Miss Rosemary, the preacher’s wife. Ms. Rosemary’s kids Will and Bobbi are not really Mibs friends but Will starts to like Mibs and slowly they become friends. On the day of Mibs birthday at first she thinks her savvy is waking people up because she woke up her sister and her little brother Samson’s turtle. Then she realizes that she really needs to get to Salina Hope Hospital to save her father. So she decides to escape from her birthday party and hide at the back of a book delivery bus that she thinks is headed to Kansas. At first she only takes Will with her to the Pink Bible Delivery Bus but Bobbi spots them and in order to not get scolded for not keeping an eye on them she comes along too. Fish comes as well and their little brother Samson is already in the bus! So, they all set out on a road trip that turns out to be quite an adventure. But when the bus takes a turn away from Kansas, it is hard to hide! Lester (the deliveryman) turns out to be quite kind and welcoming and asks them where they needed to go. The kids tell him about Mib’s father’s crash and Salina. He listens to all of this and says that he will drive them there after he makes one more delivery. Meanwhile, Mibs, Bobbi, Will and Fish are on the T.V. as “Missing”. Also, turns out that Mib’s savvy is not waking people up. It’s reading thoughts through a mark or a tattoo on people’s arms. Mib’s savvy hurts her to hear negative things about Lester from his mom and from his boss, Carlene. When Lester stops to drop off money to rude Carlene she turns out to be dangerous and recognizes the children as the missing kids on television. Carlene starts to call the police and kidnaps Samson but the kids manage to find him and escape just in time as the police come and after an interview and some waiting they continue to Salina with the police and are reunited with their whole family. Mibs uses her savvy to talk to Ms. Mermaid  (her dad’s tattoo) and reads her dad’s mind. She then communicates to her dad through Ms Mermaid and says that even though he thinks he doesn’t have a savvy, he does, and it is never giving up! In this way, Mibs uses her savvy to read her dad’s mind and encourages him to wake up! This is my favorite part of the story because they are all reunited and finally after all that hard work Mississippi put in she finally saves her dad and meets her family once again.
I think this book is very special:
Ø  I think Ingrid Law has been able to bring out the different personalities of the characters really well. And something I learnt is that everybody has a unique personality and that is what makes you, you!
Ø  The way that the author made turning thirteen and becoming a teenager a real something to look forward to and get excited about. I know that becoming a teenager is exciting but she made it feel like that it is this specific day that you get your power and real personality!
Ø  Made me feel that having a savvy – my own special power – would be great! I would make it always helping people in need.  I am trying to practice that in my daily life.  
Ø  I really liked the line “Scumbling a savvy is like spreading a thick layer of paint” because it made me think. I liked the connection between the two because it means holding back your special power or savvy takes some hard work.
Ø  If I could go on a road trip I would take my mum, my friend Rio, my friend Carla and my friend Ashlee. I would want to go on a road trip to Amsterdam but then my van would have to turn into a boat or a submarine I think…   
I wonder what it would be like if they had Rocket Beaumont the oldest brother on the road trip?! Because if they did then there wouldn’t be a big commotion of sparks in Kansas and there would be a little more action adventure combo on the road trip!
When I finished reading this book, I did a fun thing and made a playlist to describe my favorite characters: Mississippi, Fish and Bobbi – let me tell you the songs I picked and why!
So for Fish I put in “ We’ve got it going’ on”, by Backstreet Boys because it is a nice and groovy song and the tune feels kind of like wind.
For Bobbi I chose “Wide awake”, by Katy Perry, because Bobbi is a teenager and I figured this song would be good. Also, because at the beginning she doesn’t like Mississippi  but later they start to like each other when Bobbi ‘wakes up’ and realizes that Mississippi is trying to help her.
And last but not least for Mississippi chose “The words”, by Christina Perri, because the line “and all of the noise I hear inside, restless and loud, unspoken and loud” relates a lot to her savvy and actually describes how it feels.
I hope you have the chance to listen to these songs and understand what I mean.