This book is called DIARY OF A WIMPY KID – THE LONG HAUL, written by Jeff Kinney. It is about a boy called Greg Heffley and the diary of his road trip. Mum announces they would be going to Disney World but Manny (their little brother) really wants to visit their boring Aunt Loretta. So they have to change their plans and Greg and Rodrick are not so happy! On the day of the road trip, their van runs out of space and so Dad has to take out his boat for extra stuff and tie it behind the van… therefore, the book is called THE LONG HAUL! The trip starts fine, but in the middle things go awry. They stop at a carnival fair and Manny wins a baby pig. It turns out that the pig is big trouble. He eats and drinks all the food and drinks in the two minibars of the two rooms of their Motel. And Greg’s mum and dad have to pay more because of this. After that Greg and Rodrick take out their packed lunch and find math flash cards with their lunch in there! And Greg goes “Oh great! Mum is going to make this road trip into another lesson”. So Greg quickly pulls out a card game called “I MUST CONFESS” and cleverly makes Mum so excited that she forgets about the flash cards. The game turns out to be quite fun. Greg gets to learn a little more about what Mum and Dad used to do. Later that day, the pig causes more trouble and Mum is so irritated that she takes him to the farmhouse and leaves him there. Manny is so angry that his pig is in the farmhouse that he tries to escape the family but then has to be put on a leash! Then there is an incident where Greg takes out some Cheese Puffs and starts eating it and some of it escapes through the sun roof, when a seagull comes and gets one and he likes it so much that it starts a whole frenzy of trying to chase them to get more Cheese Puffs. Another adventure is when they stop at a water park and meet an annoying family and when they cannot find the key to their locker they think that the other family stole it to annoy them but actually all the time Greg and Rodrick had it in their pockets! Another fun part was the Spanish lesson’ Greg’s mum had planned by listening to a Spanish CD and repeating “por favor’ and ‘te amo’ after it! And there are other many adventures like this in the book. Greg is good at writing his diary because he always has weird experiences and annoying family members that get what they want but not him. In a way the family is realistic but the events are not so realistic. 
What I like about this book is:
  • It is really funny and it has some funny pictures to describe all of Greg’s thoughts and experiences about how mean and weird his family is. Not many people actually write a diary about how mean, weird and bossy their parents are
  • This book is different from other books for children the same age because it is in a diary format and it is the first person but also because he illustrates little pictures in between to explain what the author means. I like the fact that the format of the book is a notebook. The notebook format is good because the writing is in the lines and it is more organized. Also I like the way that there are little illustrations in between 
  • I like the line ” If there’s something I’ve learned from my years of being a kid it’s not having ANY control over your OWN life” because it means that his mum and dad are always bossing him around and that was funny to me because normally parents don’t just plan trips without letting their kids know or start bossing their children around just so they are comfortable
  • When I read this book it made me think about having a big van (in the book it was a RV but I don’t what that is) and having a giant bedroom in it to myself because then no one will disturb me in it so I can do my own thing! LOL!
  • One of my favorite parts in the book is when Greg is in a line and the boy behind him pokes the lady’s butt in front of him while she is kissing somebody! !  That is funny because the lady’s butt was so big that the boy behind Greg poked her butt and Greg has to take the blame for it. 
I would recommend this book to younger readers because it is more of a simple but nice book.
You can buy it here for $8.15 on Kindle