By Adya Agarwal Gupta

I’m always told to hush, not learn
It’s not wisdom that I must earn
It’s my destiny; it seems, to be the martyr
I don’t get an education, for I’m the daughter

I walk around all day long,
Trying my hardest to be strong
All I have to do is make food and carry water
But I don’t get an education, for I’m the daughter

At home there’s my caring mum
Tired-looking and seemingly numb
She must have not had an education too
For all her caring, she remains helpless, it’s true

I don’t want to end up the same way
I want to be recognized, one fine day
But, I need my education to do that
Otherwise there is no place I will arrive at

All the rich people going to school,
They are lucky they don’t end up a fool
How much do I have to pay?
Just to have an education, at the end of the day

There are people who can and don’t want it
Waste their chances and in our faces flaunt it
Why is it them, but not us?
Why don’t we get to ride the school bus?

I don’t have this privilege, but I won’t quit
I’ll work as hard as it takes to finally get it
I can do wonders, if I just got a chance
Just thinking about it makes me want to dance

Then one day I learnt of an organization
Who could help us girls, bring us salvation
There was glory; there was joy
Finally, I would be the same as a boy

Some kind soul could make a contribution
Give me just a little of theirs- a simple, kindly solution
To place us in precious schools all around
I can’t believe my luck! I will no more be beat down

And, so one final day,
I was very proud to say,
“Look at me – I’m off to school.”
No longer will I be called a fool

It’s all because of your prayers and our hope
That we have managed to climb up this slope
No more will I despair and loiter
I now have an education, as the daughter