By Adya Agarwal Gupta

There is a seasoning to our lives
But this pleasure kills us, though not by knives
It’s just unimaginable! The things it can do,
It’s so wildly dangerous, it should be put in a zoo
Sprinkle it on all sorts of things
Look at the utmost joy it brings
Have loads of it with your tea
But, watch out! It’s coming for you and for me!
I am addicted though I try to fight it
Every chance I get, I hide it in my pocket
But, little did I know, the harm it can do
I am wrapped in its charms, leave it – how to?

It entices me like no other,
And not just me, my father, my aunty, my mother
The sweetness and the irresistible crunch
Sometimes it’s all I want to eat for lunch!
It follows me around
Making me spend my only pound
It’s inside every shop
It’s even made it onto the cashier’s tabletop!

Believe me! There’s just no hiding
In the most innocent thing, it will be residing
Baked beans, Mayonnaise, Juices, Pickles, Ketchup & more
Name it; she’s in it, making a last minute entry through the back door

Oh! When will I have enough?
Don’t keep teasing me, I am not that tough
It is just so attractive!
I give in; I eat it, then rush around, too active

I say this now and not once more
We are gaining kilos by the fours
No more eating it with such vigour
Control you I will, Sugar!