There is an app
Its whole purpose is to entrap
It lives on people’s phones
Begging to be heard with all its different tones

It has girls and boys, and many more
But all it is- is rotten to the core
Pictures and selfies, they have galore!
So many of people whom we adore

More, and more, we get to know
Where the celebrities are, where they are planning to go
Do we really have to track whether they showered or pooed?
Seriously, don’t we have better things to do?

Everybody posing, just for the fame
Yet, all we see, is just the same
Only of themselves, no real meaning
Oh! What is the point of all this preening?!

People will copy what wise people write
Just so that, they can try and look bright
They will imitate an innovative picture
Just so that their feed will look so much richer.

My friends beg their folks to download it
Even though their age makes them totally unfit for it
They’re now hopelessly addicted!
Savouring every single post, bit by bit.

They say to me, “It’s so cool!”
Always talking about it in school
Luring me in, to their sassy world
I walked in excitedly, and that was when my troubles unfurled

25 pings to every post!
It now takes me hours to finish even my toast
Some are nasty, saying, ‘these pictures, they’re sad’
Great! We just have a new way to make people feel bad

Don’t get me wrong, it makes me feel good too
Makes me feel like part of a big ship – all of us its crew
But the bitter truth is its got me sleep deprived
And my mother a little terrified!

I have to turn notifications off!
Or the troubles won’t stop
You know what? I can’t do this longer
This time I will be stronger

Goodbye, annoying app!
You’ve enticed me enough!
Ever since you’ve been around, my work has gone… Plop!
This must end. It has to stop

When it flicks off the list,
I get a complaint
“Why did you delete it?”
My friends ask in vain

They are too caught up
In its tempting, growing, world club
To realize its damage
Parting with it is clearly such a challenge

But leave I must, its gotten too much
I want my life back as such
So its time for me to break up Madame
With this beautiful lady called Instagram