By Adya Agarwal Gupta

This is a fantastical poem written in a limerick style. It’s inspired by the state of our world and a chat with my Nani. I remember looking around at the all the construction, the pollution and the cutting down of trees everywhere I go. So, I wrote this poem as a message to stop these horrible things. We can actually prevent this. Enjoy this poem, and as you do, let’s try to do our own little bit for our world. Thank you.  

If People could fly
There’d be traffic in the sky,
People on roads would gaze up in shock
And worriedly start to talk,
Saying ‘My, Oh My!’

If Animals could talk,
Oh frabjous day! The hunter’s they’d lock
In damp, desolate holes
Full of biting moles
And perilous, vicious hawks

If roads could see,
The cars would be like harmful bees
Stinging the poor road’s eye
Making it heave and sigh
Choking over itself desperately

If trees could hear,
There’d be a rustle in every ear
They’d hear the malicious gossip of the peeps
Whispering suspiciously in the breeze
And sadly know that their end is near
The magic that has been told
Is a story not so old
It’s seems to be fantastical
Even so only truly something magical
Can help us save our World

All this you have heard,
It may sound absurd
But all this you can find,
In the recesses of your own mind
So make your actions count and make your voices heard