Dear friends and supporters, 

My name is Adya and I’m a budding author. Last year, I hosted a reading challenge to raise money for building mini libraries around Jharkand, India. Soon after, I did another challenge to write 15 book reports in 45 days to make up for the remaining money. For those who supported me last year, thank you so much for all your contributions and help to give the gift of reading to 1200 girls in 25 centres all around Jharkand, through IIMPACT. I’m honoured and very glad that they can all enjoy so many books now. (There are pictures below of the girls enjoying the books and a generous certificate I received from the kind people at IIMPACT, if you would like to see it)

This year, I’m working towards raising 6800 SGD-/ or 5000 USD-/ to sponsor one full year of education for 100 girls, through Nanhi Kali. I realised that for one girl, it only takes 50 USD for one full year of education! Normally, going out for a movie, as a family, would cost that much. In order to raise this money, I will be doing a writing challenge where I write and post 15 of my Original Works (either stories or poems) in 31 days. My parents have agreed to contribute 500 SGD-/ if I achieve my goal. If you would also like to support me in this, you’ll be bringing happiness and education to 100 girls! I will be delighted if you can join. You can choose to donate between 25, 50, 100 SGD-/ or more!



If you would like to support me, you can fill in your details below. I will keep sharing the completed stories and poems on this blog, so stay tuned for the upcoming posts!


Thanks for reading and helping,


Pictures from IIMPACT Project in 2016:Scan 15

I also received a letter from the IIMPACT director, which was quite exciting!: Letter From IIMPACT Director