T’was the first day of school.

Ann came out of the pool.

It’s for good luck, she said.

Dumbly, scratching her head.

“It makes me look cool!”


Ann loved her nose.

Even more than her toes

She’d put it up in the air

And declare,

“My nose, my nose! What a dainty rose!”


To tell you the truth, her nose was ugly

But, she’d say it was a beauty, very smugly

Whenever she would sneeze

Snot would flick out with a breeze

She thought it extremely lovely


Ann would blow her nose on a tissue

And the next thing you knew

She’d be rubbing the tissue along her leg

Everyone would groan and beg

But she’d say, my legs are pretty, now I’ll do it to my shoe


But one sunny day

In the middle of May

When a kindergartner was crying

Heavily sobbing and sighing

Making a burden out of that day


Ann came along

And sung her a song

To make her feel better

She knitted her a sweater

And made her feel bright and strong


The girl felt happy

Happy and yappy

Everyone looked at Ann in shock

And excitedly started to talk

Ann, Ann Pappy!


Her nose was now, high up in the air

As the kindergarteners started to declare

Ann, Ann, Saviour Ann

She helped us, we’ll give her a fan

Everyone should care


People started to smile

Ann got up and picked up a tile

She handed it out to her good friend May

And grinned at the sun on a sunny Summer’s day

She felt a hand on the shoulder, with a cold green file


Ann twirled around, and her face grew a frown

Claire! Her enemy was giving her a gown?

May grinned and egged Ann on

Ann sprouted a smile and bowed like a swan

Claire threw her hands down


In the end,

At the final bend

Everyone liked Ann

Everyone loved her fan

With everyone, she started to blend.


Nowadays, you’ll see Ann in a crowd

Hogged around by girls and boys, extremely loud

Ann will be chatting away

Talking about her night and day

Seemingly being oh, so proud!


It all comes back, to that Summers day

Right in the middle of May

When Ann helped a girl and put up her nose

She started to act as sweet as a rose

Oh, Ann! I hope you go a long, long, long way!

-By Adya Agarwal Gupta