She is mean, they say

Only does things her way

She has dishevelled hair

And never plays fair


Whenever she sings,

Our fragile ears ring

She’s always hitting

And never sitting

She pretends to be such a king


Her voice is loud and mean

She pretends to be a dean

Whenever she raises her voice

We forget about her poise

And curl into helpless beans


She bites, she gnaws

She scratches with her paws

We’ve tried everything

But it just doesn’t seem to ring

That’s why I watch her in awe


Her heart is as cold as ice

Even when someone’s being really nice

She’s not in any groups

No one will join her troupe

She’s known for her spice


Oh, whatever they will say

She will always find a way

To annoy them in their pants

And make them look like ants

It only gets worse, day by day


Despite these true facts,

My feelings stay intact

She may twist, she may bend

But she’ll always be a friend

Yes! She’ll always be a friend

– By Adya Agarwal Gupta