Hello! My name is Adya and I am the artist of this Bi-Cycle piece. Come, let me tell you a little bit more about it. 

My inspiration for this piece came from the famous artist, Pablo Picasso. He has a very strong and abstract style, which many people call cubism. Cubism was a new style to me and that’s why I experimented with it. Since Pablo Picasso has a strong style, I decided to use strong shapes

Triangles are powerful shapes and added a lot more feeling and liveliness to my art. My colours used for the background are bright and warm colours so that my painting was appealing to people. I also had to consider the contrast of the vibrant colours in the background and the cool colours that cover my bicycle.

I hope you have liked this little presentation and my piece. Thank you for listening! If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.  


i-took-inspiration-of-the-cat-in-the-basketBelow: My Research and notes before I started on my piece. This is the most important phase of any art project. It’s when one gets ideas and inspirations. It’s important you take inspiration and not copy these designs!i-took-inspiration-of-the-cat-in-the-basket-3