This book is called ‘DYING TO MEET YOU’ Written by Kate Klise. It is about an author called Ignatius. B Grumply who wants to rent a house to write in for the summer. He needs to finish the thirteenth book in the Ghost Tamer series but he doesn’t want any children around him. After a few look throughs, he picks a house on 43 Old Cemetery Road and asks his editor to handle all his paperwork for him. Little does he know that a surprise will be waiting for him at the house. He moves into the house and finds that an 11 year old boy named Seymour and his cat, Shadow, live in that house too and have no intentions of leaving or sharing. (Seymour’s parents left him alone while they travelled to Europe and said they weren’t cut-out to be his parents.) Seymour makes up rumours about a ghost named Olive C Spencer who still lives in the house. But, are the rumours actually rumours??? Ignatius. B Grumply writes back to his editor and asks him to unsign the mess that he’d got into. When his editor can’t do that, Ignatius makes up a few rules that Seymour has to follow in the house. Seymour adds to the rules and the two are all fine. Ignatius has a really bad case of writer’s block. Seymour has his ghost friend, Olive, who plays on the piano and lives in the cupola. One night, Olive invites Seymour and Ignatius to dinner and Ignatius starts to think that Seymour is a genius because he thinks that Seymour coded an imaginary hand to scoop up spoonfuls of food and vanish into thin air. Was Seymour really a coding genius or is Olive really a ghost? Read the book to find out. All I will say now, is that after a few misunderstandings are cleared, Olive helps Ignatius write his 13th book in the series and Ignatius writes the full story with her. In the end, Ignatius buys the house and lives with his new family – Olive, Seymour, and not to mention Shadow the cat – happily ever after!
What I like about the book:
  • I love the way the author tells a whole story just through letters . Olive and Ignatius talk to each other through letters that they send to Seymour! And the book is formatted as letters – how innovative is that?!
  • I like how Kate Klise who is a real author writes about another author as a character in the book. It was annoying how Ignatius was so arrogant at first but then it is funny and happy how he opened up to Olive in the end.
  • I like how the author makes simple but funny connection in the book, like, when she describes the address as 43 Old Cemetery Rd so readers know it’s haunted. She calls the cat ‘Shadow’ to state that he is mysterious and Ignatius is really grumpy at the start, therefore, his last name is Grumply.
  • I like that Seymour was a really cool character with a lot of power and punch. He was somebody who stood up for what he believed in. I like that because most of my friends and I are like that.
  • Fun time! Here is a little quiz for kids who have read the book:
1.   Which town is 43 Old Cemetery Road in?
2.   Who built the house?
3.   Who played the piano?
4.   What was the name of Ignatius’ editor?
5.    What was the name of the publisher?
6.   What was funny about the name of the publisher?
I WOULD GIVE THIS BOOK A 8 out of 10 rating!