This book is called, ‘JAKE IN SPACE: MOON ATTACK!’, written by Candice Lemon-Scott. It is about a boy named Jake who lives on the Future Earth. But, Jake doesn’t know how to drive his own space car and Jake’s parents, not being satisfied with driving him to school, send Jake to a remedial driving school. Jake doesn’t want to be there but he is forced to go and train on the moon. There, he finds a few good friends named Rory (who is from Mars), Henry (who is from Jupiter) and Milly and Skye (who are from Venus). Jake hates it in the remedial driving school but during his stay there, discovers a dangerous mystery! What could it be? By and by, Jake sees Henry sneaking out in the night and driving out on space without a spacesuit! Wait a second, only robots can do that! Could Henry be a robot? Milly, Skye, Rory and Jake follow Henry on space cars one night and land up on a platform. Henry seems to know that they followed him and reveals a secret. Read the book to find out what this is! Anyways, they realise that Henry has only come to remedial space school stop Gradock, the owner, from doing something bad. Shocked by this discovery, Jake presses a button which delays Henry’s solution. After tracking Jake and his friends, Gradock arrives at their platform and starts his launching! He is going to destroy the Moon and Earth! Jake and his friends hop into a space car and follow Gradock as he drives away. Jake manages to turn upside down and the friends run into Gradock’s spacecar. Skye uses Slooper Goo 2 to make sure that Gradock doesn’t escape and then Henry’s fake parents come and arrest him. Jake and his friends learn that Henry works in a space company like a space police spy. Henry was working on his new mission, gathering help from Jake and friends. Henry’s fake parents are actually officers from the space police station called CIA. After solving this intriguing mystery, Jake goes back to his Earth and is proud to know that he can drive his own space car. He gets an invitation to a Rocket Battle competition. Will he go or not? Read Jake in Space: Moon Attack and Jake in Space: Rocket Battles to find out!
What I liked about the book:
·    I really like Sci- fi books and this is a true sci- fi book. I loved the intense language and all the cool technology gadgets in the book. While reading this book I was seeing it like a film in my head with chasing music in it! I was very excited to read about the levers, buttons, space cars, suits, walkie talkie like gadgets and other things. Now I feel like driving a space car! I wonder if there are actually remedial space car driving schools in real life. That would be awesome!
·    In some parts of the story, I had goosebumps because the scene was intense and mysterious. Mystery and Sci-fi and two of my favorite genres. In my opinion, this story mixed the two genres really well. I knew when the mystery started and the sci-fi died down but I never knew when the interest in the story would end.
·    I like the idea of robots a lot. It adds an extra mystery to the story.
·    Books don’t normally have the start of the next book in the book itself. Of course most books have sneak peeks of the next book in the series but this is different. While ending the story with Jake going back home, it starts a new story with an invitation to a Rocket Battle competition.  
·    My librarian in school recommended this book to me and I think I know why. This book is a great story about friendship and it teaches folks like me some action language that is catchy, quirky and fast- paced. When I read this book, I knew I had to read it fast because the language itself tells you to read fast and the author’s writing is fast paced and quirky. 
·    Finally, fun time! Here are a few questions for people who have read the book or come back to this blog after you have read the book to answer the following:
1.   How did Gradock track Jake and his friends?
2.   How many questions did Jake get right on his Theory test?
3.   What does CIA stand for?
4.   What is Slooper goo?
5.   How do you let go of Slooper goo?
6.   Who is your favorite character in the story? Why?