This book is called ‘QUINNY AND HOPPER’ written by Adriana Brad Schanen. It is about two friends named Quinny and Hopper. Quinny is moving from New York to a place called Whisper Valley and doesn’t like it at all. She is moving with her parents and her two younger sisters named Piper and Cleo who are very annoying. Quinny doesn’t appreciate them much especially because Piper spies on her and Cleo licks her with her spit! Eeww! When Quinny reaches Whisper Valley, she finds a new friend named Hopper who is a quiet boy and is extremely shy at first but opens up later. Quinny’s personality is almost the complete opposite. She is a chatty, active and impulsive character. Even though the two are the total opposites, they still make a great team. Each one’s personality helps the other: Hopper’s cleverness helps Quinny learn new things and Quinny’s friendliness and activeness makes Hopper less shy. Together, the two have a lot of fun doing fun things like chasing and catching chickens etc.. Then, Quinny and Hopper both receive a letter telling them that their school is starting. Quinny is very excited but Hopper isn’t and claims that everything about their friendship will end. The reason he says this is because he doesn’t have any friends in school and thinks that Quinny won’t want to be his friend and would want to move on with her life. Quinny is shocked for a few days with Hopper’s new attitude but then forces herself to think that Hopper never even was her friend in the first place. As Hopper thinks she would, Quinny moves on with her life and chooses a wrong type of friend. They go to school and once again, Hopper is lonely. He sits on the staircase and reads his book. Meanwhile, Quinny and her new friend, Victoria, are playing and Victoria starts to be mean and bossy with Quinny but Quinny is helpless. On the other hand, Hopper has finally overcome his shyness and found a game that he likes. He becomes the new champion in a running game called Tag and even goes and tags Quinny because he feels like he wants to be her friend again and that he can sort a few things out. Quinny swirls around and argues with Hopper a little at first, but then finally starts to play with him. Victoria teases them and Quinny pushes her away. Quinny and Hopper are both very annoyed with Victoria and feel like paying her back for all the bossy things she does. They also feel glad and less confused because they are back together and have nothing to worry about regarding the safety of their friendship. Quinny tells Hopper that he should never think that she won’t be his friend because she will always with be with him. Their friendship starts to heal. Now, from an unsure and confused friendship, Quinny and Hopper have turned into a really strong friendship.
What I like about this book is:
  • As soon as I picked ‘Quinny and Hopper’, I knew it would be a winner. From the first page, I could not stop reading it till the book was done.
  • This book follows a simple story line: two friends, a problem, the friends are not good friends anymore and then something happens to make them realise the value of their friendship and they become friends again. It is a simple story line which turns into such an interesting book with 2 very different perspectives.
  • One thing that I really liked about the book was how the author has organised and written the chapters. Each chapter is either called ‘Quinny’ or ‘Hopper’ and whichever name it is, that becomes the perspective it is written in. It was interesting to see both the views and the feel of the chapters is so different from each other. “Quinny” chapters are fast and as you read it, you will hear yourself go  fast. “Hopper” chapters feel more quiet and careful and you will notice it in the way the author writes.
  • When I read ‘Quinny and Hopper’, I could relate to my real life because the story is like two friends of mine. One friend is trying to steal the other friend away from me but fortunately the friend keeps coming back! Being 8-12 is a difficult and confusing time I think and this book captures that well.
  • I think the book has a great sense of humour and tragedy too. Humour, such as, there is a conversation in the book with Quinny and her dad and Quinny asks her dad why they even have her sisters and her dad says, “I know. We took them with us and I think we might have to stick with them.” LOL! And tragic too because at one point in the story, you really feel sorry for Hopper.
  • Overall, it’s a very good book and is easy to understand. I would recommend it to ages 8-12 because they mostly have problems like these and can relate to it and even take a lesson from it.
  • Finally, Fun quiz time! Here are a few questions for those who have read the book. Write your answers in the section below my report. Oh! and no cheating, alright? J  
1.  What are the names of Hopper’s bullying brothers?
2. What is Quinny’s full name?
3. Who is Mrs. Porridge?
4. How many teeth does Quinny have?
5. What does Hopper love and what is his room full of?