This book is called MATILDA and it is written by Roald Dahl.

The book is about a girl named Matilda who loves reading (like me!). But her parents think her a ‘spoiled brat’ and don’t take much notice of her (not at all like mine!). Its weird though why Matilda’s parents hate her because at the age of four she read Great Expectations’, by Charles Dickens! (Charles Dickens is a great English writer and ‘Great Expectations’ is one of his most popular books!). Matilda’s dad is so mean that Matilda  has to teach him a few basic lessons like she puts super glue on his hat, which was funny, and she makes his hair blonde, which was weird. When Matilda joins school, the horrible headmistress, Ms.Trunchbull, gives her even more trouble but Ms.Honey, her teacher, is amazed with Matilda for knowing so much math and for reading and writing so well!  
Ms.Honey and Matilda become close friends and every day after school, Matilda would walk to Ms.Honey’s home, and, Ms.Honey would tell Matilda about her life. One day, Matilda questions Ms.Honey about why she is so poor and so scared of The Trunchbull. Turns out that, The Trunchbull is Ms.Honey’s mean aunt who, after Ms.Honey’s dad died, had ruled over Ms.Honey in such a way that Ms.Honey was terrified to leave. Matilda then decided to teach The Trunchbull a lesson and focusing all of her attention on lifting the chalk, she writes on the board ‘AGATHA TRUNCHBULL LET MS.HONEY GO!!’ I was really happy to read this part because Matilda defeated The Trunchbull and she did it with her EYES only! Can you imagine that?! Meanwhile, Matilda’s parents are moving countries. Matilda doesn’t want to join them. Instead, she starts living with Ms.Honey! And it all ends happily ever after!
This is one of my favourite books of all times. I love to read all of Roald Dahl’s books. I really like :
  • The way he makes the funny terms he uses to describe a person or situation. Even my mum laughed when she heard the term ‘spoiled brat’ and ‘digusting little blister’
  • Chapter 3-The Hat And The Superglue. It is my favorite chapter in this book because it is  super funny and the way Roald Dahl describes it is just LOL!

Did you know that Roald Dahl lived in Aylesbury,UK, and in there is ‘The Story Centre’ where you can explore Roald Dahl’s books and life in a fun way. Down the road from here, there is a public library that has a corner called ‘Matilda’s Corner’! I recommend to go there if you visit the UK!