This book is called ARTEMIS FOWL AND THE ETERNITY CODE and it is by an author named Eoin Colfer.

The book is about a young teenager criminal named Artemis Fowl who runs a criminal business with his dad, his mum and his bodyguard Butler. Artemis’s dad is in the hospital recovering from his wounds in jail. Meanwhile, Artemis and Butler continue their criminal business. In this series, they create a gadget called the C-cube using fairy technology. Artemis wants to sell it to an American entrepreneur called Jon Spiro. But when they meet in a restaurant, he gets cheeky and only tells Jon what the cube does but really wants to keep it for his own missions (whereas Jon thinks that he is trying to sell it). Jon then cooks up a fight, in which, he takes the cube and escapes while getting the whole restaurant involved in the fight. He leaves Arno (his bodyguard) to fight and Arno aims to shoot at Artemis but Butler takes the shot and gets hurt severely. Artemis feels terrible about what has happened to Butler. He feels responsible for whats happened to Butler and also worries that this would be the end of his business. Butler is almost about to die, but, Artemis calls his fairy friend Holly and fairy magic saves him! The only problem is during the whole process of healing him, Butler becomes old because Holly has to use, Butler’s life force to heal him.

Meanwhile, Jon is trying to get information about how the cube works but is not able to because Artemis had put in a  code called the eternity code which only recognizes Artemis’ voice patterns and stops anybody else from getting any information on how Artemis made this work.

Jon calls Artemis and threatens him, and because Artemis knows that Jon is dangerous, they pretend to be scared and go over to where Jon is. But Artermis has made a plan with Holly, cleverly using Jon’s arch enemy Phoenix (the company ) as the bait and then trapping Jon with fairy magic! Join Artemis, Butler and Holly while they plan things out and save themselves!

What I really like about the book is: 

  • The way Eoin Colfer builds up the story and in my case sucks me into it !
  • Also I like the way he has done the teaming up part and uses some complex technology !
  • He has introduced me to a lot of descriptive words and some really complicated words
  • I loved the scene in the restaurant, where Butler suspects one of the old ladies in the restaurant to be an assassin and then it turns out that Jon has hired the entire restaurant and each and every person in it was actually an assassin.
  • I also, loved the part where Jon puts a fake Jon to trick Artemis and Artemis pretends to get tricked while all along he knew that this was not the real Jon.
  • I would recommend this book for teenagers because of the electronics, the strategy and the way he writes.
  • I can’t think about anything I wish the author could do differently!

By the way, at the very end of the book, I read this was for boys but I read it and I think that other girls like me would also enjoy and be interested in reading it!

I would give it a 8 out of 10 rating