This book is written by Ellie Boswell and its the first in a series.

This book is about a girl named Sophie who goes to a school called “Turlingham Academy”. Sophie is the headmistress’ daughter, and she has four really close friends named Kaz , Joanna , Lauren and Erin . They all loved to talk about boys and sometimes they would have midnight feasts but Sophie would miss out on them because she didn’t stay in the dorms with them even though she really wanted to. Instead, she had to stay in a cottage beside the school with her mum ! But when a new girl called Katy and her brother named Ashton join the school, Sophie’s life is turned upside down. Though at first she likes Ashton because he looks like Jareth Quinn ( Sophie’s fav actor ) she later doesn’t and I will tell you why later! While Katy just overtakes Sophie’s life by being with all of Sophie’s friends. Meanwhile, Sophie discovers that her mum has been hiding a ring that really belongs to Sophie and she takes it without letting her mum know! But it starts to draw a lot of attention so, she decides to put it back but her mum catches her! Sophie confronts her and learns that the ring is from her grandmother who is in a mental hospital. Sophie gets to keep the ring and goes to meet her grandmother who reveals to Sophie (only) that she and her grandmother are both witches! Sophie then figures out that Katy and Ashton are witch hunters who are here to hunt down the witch in Turlingham Academy and take away all of his/her magic. Katy and Sophie become best friends but Sophie keeps her secret till one day Ashton reports back to Katy that he has checked every boy in the dorm and none is a witch. He threatens Katy that she has not been searching hard enough and will expose her private diary to embarass her in front of the whole school. Sophie gets her witch pet – Gabby the black squirrel – to bring back the diary from Ashton and save Katy’s secrets. But when Katy and Ashton see Gabby, they realise that Sophie is the witch they have been looking for. Ashton runs to get Sophie but Katy out of friendship and kindness finds a way to save her friend. And all ends happily ever after! 
I WOULD GIVE IT 9 OUT 10 RATING ! Why? Because : 
  • I like the way Ellie Boswell developed the story and the twists and turns in it . 
  • I also like the way the girls talk about their crushes and Ellie Boswell’s style to make the story come to life ! 
  • The words she uses to describe the feelings or how they are crying or how they are feeling abut taking a particular action – makes me feel like I am part of the story!
  • I wish, though, that she would spend a little bit  more time describing the environment so I can imagine what Sophie’s world looks like . 
  • And, last but not least, I wonder how she got the INSPIRATION for the names Kaz , Ashton , Morrow ! 


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